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And do it for free, with these 101 online tools for collaborative learning – all free to use, or at least free to try.

Young learners benefit most from collaborative games and fun, animated educational tools. Why Ville: Why Ville is a free, online community where every kid is a valued citizen.

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Think of it as an insta-passport to anywhere in the world. Word Press.com: A class blog has huge potential: you can collaborate on storytelling, teach your kids about the implications of social media & online information, or simply chronicle classroom projects and activities.

Word Press allows each student to write as an individual contributor, so the possibilities are endless. Search Team: When students are just learning how to conduct web research, collaborating with friends and peer groups can be a great help.

Best of all, you can open up your maps to group editing and even share your maps with parents, tutors and other classes. Wizehive: This comprehensive application has a lot of functionality: build forms, manage tasks, update your activity feed and create workflow sheets.

Wizehive is a great pick for sharing upcoming projects, classroom modules, events and other class activities with parents. Skype in the Classroom: This tool is great for any age group, but we particularly love Skype’s application for very young learners. Wikispaces Classroom: Young children have brilliant minds, and what better way to light the creative spark than to get your class involved in social storytelling?

Today’s student generation is mobile, online and Internet-savvy.

They are all computer gurus, and they often engage better with their electronics than they do with paper and pencil.The possibilities don’t end there: you can create sets (albums) for how-to guides, cull Creative Commons images to illustrate current places of study, and spark creative thinking by telling stories through imagery. Flickr Poet: Speaking of stories and imagery, Flickr Poet is a great tool to show your students that poetry is more than words on a page.Prose and verse take flight with Flickr Poet, which puts images to your students’ poems.Your students can even play their stories like games, or send their works of art to friends and family, as books or greeting cards. Secret Builders: Secret Builders is an imaginative world of kid-friendly, online multiplayer gaming.Games are educational and interactive, not to mention age-appropriate.Middle school-aged kids need collaborative learning tools that are streamlined and easy to use, with a little bit of cutting-edge thrown in for good measure. Fakebook: Middle-schoolers may not be old enough to use the real thing (Facebook), but that makes Fakebook even cooler.

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