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Science has long held that humans did not set foot in this alien place until 15,000 years ago, as suggested by archaeological evidence of the earliest known settlement on the northeastern fringe of the plateau 3,000 meters above sea level.

But now new genetic data indicate this may have occurred much earlier—possibly as far back as the last ice age, 62,000 years ago.

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“This may have helped the plateau dwellers to survive the harsh conditions at such high elevations nearing the end of the Younger Dryas,” he says.

“It’s increasingly clear that there has been much earlier and much more persistent human occupation of the plateau than we previously thought,” Aldenderfer says.

A team led by archaeologist Guanghui Dong of Lanzhou University in Gansu province unveiled the earliest archaeological evidence of human presence—dating to 39,000-31,000 years ago—on the southeastern fringe of the Tibetan Plateau.

The site, rich with stone tools and animal bones, lies at 2,500 meters above sea level at the bank of the Salween River.

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Based on this they theorized that people were living in Tibet at the height of LGM, but the lack of archaeological finds near the site has cast doubt on this.

“Many people don’t think it’s possible,” Aldenderfer says.

A better understanding of modern Tibetans’ genetic mix and diversity could help reconstruct the history of migration and population expansion in the region, and may help unravel the mystery of the ethnic origins of Tibetans—and of how humans have adapted to low-oxygen conditions at high altitudes.

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