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Under stress my colon can either shut down leaving me constipated or go crazy giving me many races to the bathroom...

what do other people like to do while holding an

i like to surf around on the internet or play some games and see how far i can make it/ complete...

I so love the feeling of the oil inside me filling me up, I have plugged my self with my pink butt plug and am reading some hot enema erotica as I hold it in for as long as I... I have been giving my self ememas since I was 13 and after that I would find things to put up my ***.

My first enema I was 31 years old it was given by a nice older gentleman. I prefer anal sex now because it just gives me another reason to have an enema.

It seemed that invariably the subject of enemas and other "female" topics would come up.

Especially the infamous 3-H (high, hot, and helluva lot) soapsuds enema that was routinely given prior to...Then I entered the nozzle into my ******* and squeezed the bottle until there was... The names have been changed to protect me from those who were there. Wore a pair of black pantyhose and made a big mess in them ;) filled them with bananas and peed myself too Wish I could fit more, but by two bananas I felt so full and had to go sooo bad!On this particular Saturday I had a company school in Programmable Logic Controllers and my partner went to Kyle’s house to fix his computer. This story is about an enema I received from my Mother in Law. It began when my wife an I were visiting from out of town. hi im amy and i love to be treated like a nasty cheap girl that i am. After taking a big poop, I lubed up 5 marshmallows and stuffed them up my poop hole. I kept them in for 1/2 hour and felt some pressure to expell. Any suggestions for getting more in me before I lose control and fill my panties? I was single after a divorce some years earlier and looking for a a woman to date. So, four years ago, I decided to "clear the decks" before my physical. This morning I had planned to be out of town but plans fell through and I found myself home with several hours of alone time. But last week, my aunt came home and asked me to get ready and told me that i had to accompany her to a clinic.i was not feeling good, and complained that my stomach was hurting. aswell as many other things i love enemas it started of many years ago with water in a bulb and that felt so good. i often use the shower hose and let it force itself into... I was dating on a semi regular basis and one day after giving myself an enema I decided to see if I could find a lady that enjoyed enemas too. I hate going to the doctor for my annual checkup, mostly because of the prostate exam... I got out my favorite bag, an antique brownish orange open top bag that I had picked up several years ago on ebay. From my drawers she gave me the lace panties which i got as gift for my birthday and asked me to wear it, as i did not want... Earlier today I read a story on here about how someone gave themselves an enemas by pushing bananas up their ***.My Mother in Law said what I probably needed was a good... I wouldn't say that I love enemas totaly, but I do use them. Sometimes I have to take one because one of the side effects is constipation. I was so turned on by this that I had to go and give it a try for myself.When younger I always cried and fussed before and during getting them. I appreciate your interest in hearing my story very much. I've been using enemas since I was a kid due to constipation; my parents would administer them most of the time; this went on until I was an older teenager. i can take multiple 2qt enemas in sessions and have the desire to increase volumes i can take and retain comfortably for longer.

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