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He also discusses reversing beta-blockers in the asthma patient and goes deep philosophical about C3 vs EMRAP main show. After pregnancy has been ruled out, the differential diagnosis of patients with abnormal vaginal bleeding can be divided into structural and non-structural causes.Most are stable and can be managed safely as outpatients. The PATCH study found that in patients who were on antiplatelet agents and had a spontaneous cerebral haemorrhage, giving platelets increased the risk of both death and poor neurologic outcomes.The role of the emergency provider is twofold – to help alleviate pain and to consider the life-threatening diagnoses that may present with back pain.

Last month it was outpatient burns, now it’s time for the major players- third degree, Parkland formula, who needs intubation…

Scotty Weingart opens the critical care mailbag on hypotensive SVT patients.

Are some antibiotics worse when it comes to risk for C diff? Jess tells the take of some weird neuro symptoms that ended up being a big deal. Chris Doty walks through managing perinatal disasters. It’s OK to use peripheral vasopressors, as long as you're vigilant. In last month’s episode, we dealt with patients who were obviously bleeding to death.

When it comes to managing critical kids, Simon Carley says our resuscitationist mindset will serve us well. Part one of a med mal case with recorded deposition testimony. Breast abscess doesn’t always need an I and D, so says Sacchetti. Most patients with GI bleeding present with far less drama.

Do you ever feel frustrated when managing patients with body fluid exposure?

Greg Moran gives a primer on management and who you should consider for post exposure prophylaxis.Kenji gives his thoughts on managing non-lethal stab wounds to the chest and abdomen. Tibial plateaus get broken, fixed, and put under the microscope.First there was RSI, then DSI, now rapid sequence awake intubation. All that and much more on this month’s EM: RAP spectacular.For the sake of our learning, in Part 1 we are going to deal with all of the other major causes of dyspnea that are often missed when we assume a cause in the heart and lungs. Not much, except they’re both in this month’s episode.Kenji and Miz take on neurogenic shock and the nebulous ‘permissive hypotension’.Are your discharge instructions all that they should be? This month we line up a series of mind blowing talks.

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