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If you don't have a DSLAM in the area, you don't get DSL. ) has about the shortest range I have ever seen (3000 ft), but it is theoretically capable of 52 megabits down and 16 megabits up.

other that somthing like “many times faster tha dial-up! about “buisness class” cable access and she informed me that the current residential class cable access is 384k/down and 192k/up. If I wanted anything closer to the 1.5/down they originally claimed, I'd have to spend over $150 a month, perhaps much more if I also wanted greater up speed too. I guess this is what happens when you have a monopoly on things..around here, there is no alternate calbe service, and the DSL coverage is still spotty.

– by Digi Smack When is the NFL gonna remove this sill salary cap??? These big companies are ripping people off, for the amount of bandwidth they assign to them.

Let the good teams spend cash on real talent, not this lame cut everyone, restructure, and hope they come back for minimum wage. They have enough bandwidth, it's just that we don't get sh*t. – by -Dim-users should demand full disclosure from the cable company about their capping policies and demand to be given specific speeds to which they can reference.

I just checked the broadband availability with Time Warner Cable of NY (offering your choice of 4 ISPs), and the best I could get is “offering speeds UP TO 2.0mbps”.

So if they let everyone use 1Mbps, they'd max out their connection.

Instead, they'd rather cap your access and sell more service (ex.

Another factor to consider is the anti-social aspect of uncapping, meaning that one person using too much of the bandwidth during peak hours could cause bottlenecks for the rest of the users on that node. the kid), then there's no reason to punish the father.

Check out Security Focus Online and our previous news item for more details. Admitedly, it would be hard to prevent the kid from using the service, yet allow the father to use it, if they're living in the same house.

There's just never enough speed in this world. If I was the father, I'd tell the kid it's time to move out so I could keep my broadband connection.

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