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The Scorpion has intense feelings about almost everything, although he often does a good job of hiding them.

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Anything mystical or mysterious will grab Scorpio's interest, so he might frequent stores that cater to astrology, UFOs, magic, Bigfoot or any other of the world's mysteries.

To attract a Scorpio man, don't dress too provocatively.

He's also very romantic, but may never show his true feelings about you in public.

However, when the two of you are alone you'll be showered with his intense attention.

Questo è il momento giusto per rinnovare i piccoli elettrodomestici di casa: macchine da caffè, ferri da stiro, frullatori e tanto tanto altro per aiutarti nella vita di tutti i giorni. Connettiti con l"ambiente in cui vivi, dal riscaldamento al risparmio energetico Hai le pile scariche?

Tutto questo e molto di più ti aspetta nella nostra selezione dedicata alla tua casa smart.

When you consult a professional psychic, you can begin to unravel the mysteries surrounding your potential lover.

A gifted psychic can use several tools – such as personalized astrological charts, tarot cards, numerology and more – to help you better understand the Scorpion's puzzling nature..

He closely examines potential friends and lovers before deciding whether or not they're worth his time.

If the Scorpion doesn't genuinely respect someone, he will never allow the person into his "inner circle." Scorpio can be extremely moody and has an explosive temper.

If you've set your sights on finding love with a Scorpio man, chances are you feel both captivated and confused by his enigmatic allure. Until he's hopelessly devoted to you, he'll keep you wondering about his true feelings.

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