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She’s not happy, and it’s not helpful for me to compare my life with hers. It’s fine not to bring up your mutual friends’ divestiture from the group chat—it is, as you say, their story to tell her—but you have a longstanding friendship that’s very clearly dissolving as a direct result of her behavior, and she’s clearly aware on some level that people are pulling away from her.

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I actually really like the foot rubs and my boyfriend’s treating me to pedicures, but the stilettos are killing me.

I have a knee injury that makes anything other than flats send shooting pain up my spine after about 15 minutes.

The kids were a handful, but it was the adults who made the entire holiday miserable. Since he couldn’t leave his job or force her to leave, I wanted him to stop any contact with her outside of work. I didn’t do anything wrong but I was the one who was punished. This woman has “collected” mutual friends of my husband’s Facebook friends (who are also mine through him). So even after I’ve blocked this problem in my life she then pops up in my friends’ Facebook pictures and comments. But now I’m “in trouble” for no longer going to events and not being FB friends with the “mutual friends.” As an adult I can’t really say you’re either my friend or her friend, not both.

(Everyone was there for a full week.) My parents and grandmother could not keep their political views to themselves, and there was a massive argument over Thanksgiving dinner; my older sister and her husband wouldn’t speak to each other for the entire week and referred to their kids as “YOUR son” and “YOUR daughter” even when the poor kids were right in front of them; three of the kids were terrified of the dogs (screaming and crying and completely flipping out if one of the dogs so much as sniffed them); we had temper tantrums (adult and child), hysterics, yelling, arguments, storming off, and one minor car accident. Two weeks of forced cheer for 31 miserable beings who can’t speak a word of peace to one another is no way to celebrate anything. Texting, emailing, casual conversation are completely off-limits. (I think I’d then stick my tongue out at them to drive home the point.) But it does come down to that. They aren’t my friends and I don’t want to create a façade on FB or at BBQs they are at. A: It’s true that you can’t offer your friends an ultimatum over their relationship with this woman, but it’s entirely fair for you to say that it’s painful for you to be in places where she might turn up, and that it’s painful for you to be reminded (either online or off-) about the person your husband had an affair with.

No one was happy by the end, and yet we’re planning to do it all again for Christmas and New Year’s—except it’ll be TWO weeks, this time. Say you won’t be able to make it, have a fabulous time with your boyfriend and his family, and feel free to start making alternate arrangements for next year, too. Facebook pettiness: Last year my husband had an affair with a female co-worker. I’m not sure who you are “in trouble” with—is it your husband? Third parties who might not know the details of your situation?

My family says it’s because it’s a “tradition.” I’m really tempted to tell them that they’re welcome to let miserable holidays be their tradition, but I’ll be spending Christmas with my boyfriend and his family. —but it’s clear from your letter that you’re still incredibly angry with a lot of the people in your life, and I hope you are seeing a therapist to help you figure out how to process that anger productively.

Mallory Ortberg, aka Dear Prudence, is online weekly to chat live with readers. (Sign up below to get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week. Foot fetish: I am pretty open-minded when it comes to sex and willing to give most things a go.

My boyfriend of six months has a serious foot fetish and was over the moon when I told him I was game.

She asked if she could talk to me about my “attitude” and I said no she could not.

She proceeded to berate me so I hung up since I was pretty upset, not to mention high on painkillers.

Either way, I think you are uniquely situated to have this conversation with her. Currently, I am recovering from foot surgery and my husband and I are going through some tough times because we are employed in oil and gas and the business is in a big recession.

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