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The programs were similar and achieved the same result, however the price tag was very different.Over the span of 4 years, I probably saved myself 5k in tuition fees.I was clueless about the world of academia and the university experience.

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What is more astounding is despite my early success in managing my student finances, I somehow racked-up 17K in student debt during my second degree.

How did I go from zero student debt in my first degree to a 17K pit of debt in my second degree?

I also discovered that by attending school close to home, I saved considerable money on the following: Some people are just darn smart and manage to score a scholarship or bursary for school.

I’ve seen numerous scholarships awarded to a variety of students, including: nerds, jocks, those with special talents, and those with organizational affiliations.

Here are some tips I should have considered while studying the second time around.

Five ways to avoid student debt: Some colleges and universities just cost more than others.

Innovative instruments and devices that accompany us all day long, and boost the energy dedicated to our lives, our interests and our passions.

Have you ever wondered how difficult it would be to draw Pokemon calligraphy style with practically no calligraphy experience?

I discovered this truth when I paid my first year tuition at an Ottawa-area university.

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