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The girls would also respond in verse, announcing that there was someone who would save her.For instance, From the tavern roof would come the announcement that Zośka, because she dressed badly, kept her house untidy, and quarreled with everyone, will have a dyngus of a hundred barrels of water, a hundred cartloads of sand and a hundred lashes.

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It is also observed by Polish diaspora communities, particularly among Polish Americans, who call it Dyngus Day.

As with the water-throwing, boys would whip girls with pussy willows on Easter Monday and girls would do the same to boys on the following Tuesday.

The celebration would traditionally be accompanied by declarations in verse, in which a young man would climb on the roof of a building in the village, beat on a tin pan and announce which girls were to be doused along with how many wagon-loads of sand, how much water and how much soap would be used on each girl.

Attempts have been made to curtail it; in 1410 it was forbidden by the Bishop of Poznań in an edict titled Dingus Prohibitur, which instructed residents not to "pester or plague others in what is universally called Dingus".

Girls could save themselves from a soaking by giving boys "ransoms" of painted eggs (pisanki), regarded as magical charms that would bring good harvests, successful relationships and healthy childbirths.Pussy willows appear to have been adopted as an alternative to the palm leaves used elsewhere in Easter celebrations, which were not obtainable in Poland.They were blessed by priests on Palm Sunday, following which parishioners whipped each other with the pussy willow branches, saying "Nie ja bije, wierzba bije, za tydzień, wielki dzień, za sześć noc, Wielkanoc" ("It's not me who strikes, the willow strikes, in a week, holy week, in six nights, Easter").This is accompanied by a number of other rituals, such as making verse declarations and holding door-to-door processions, in some regions involving boys dressed as bears.The origins of the celebration are uncertain, but it may date to pagan times (before 1000 AD); it is described in writing as early as the 15th century.The pussy willows were then treated as sacred charms that could prevent lightning strikes, protect animals and encourage honey production.

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