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“I was reading on your FB page about a post you had written about a year ago.

It was about a “narcissistic mother” that demanded honor from her daughter.

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I have told them all of their lives that I love them and believe they have the power to do and be anything they set their minds to.

As a result they have thrown insults back at me and called me names.

I am advocating for and empowering people to make those choices through looking at the truth through understanding equal value and the true definition of love.

and this is a valid question; I know that there are lots of grown up children out there that hurt and even abuse their parents and I am not an advocate for that treatment but my question is always “Where did it start?

My parents are not interested in looking at their part in any of this which is their choice but I decided that I also had a choice.

I don’t know your situation but in MY experience, children don’t grow up and cut contact with their parents when they have wonderful loving, supportive parents.

To this end they have basically abandoned me telling me I am worthless and a burden.

I am a little upset that you seem to take the side of the child in most of your posts without balance.

I acknowledge that this is just my experience but this question was asked to me, and I can only share MY experience.

You asked me “what about a mother that has been truly hurt by her children?

At least not the readers and commenters of THIS blog and please understand that THIS blog is My blog, my story, my work, my website and my opinion.

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