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For us, remote work success has meant clear and concise communication and an open-door policy. At any given time, we can see what any team member is working on and the status of any project or task.

Asana allows us to easily collaborate on projects without disrupting our flow like chat sometimes does.

For them, streamlining communication has meant putting context and purpose behind the tools they use.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to make a friend on the first day?

For every new Help Scout teammate, someone who’s been on board for a while steps up and becomes their go-to guy/gal who shows them the ropes. In addition to the four of us who are based in San Francisco and Brooklyn, we work closely with several freelancers and Peeps located around the world.

For tools, Treehouse uses Automattic’s P2 blog theme for their internal blog because they found communications on other platforms to be too transient and impersonal.

They use Google Drive to collaborate and Google Draw to whiteboard ideas. that switching to Slack improved collaboration across the company and increased transparency.

That said, we also use for ongoing communications, to ask quick questions, for fun talk in our #random group and to share interesting articles we often discuss later in #readinglist.

Each team member is also given a copy of where team members pair up to share feedback with one another and determine how they can help each other.For example, they suggest changing out of your pajamas, even if it’s into something just as comfortable or having “work slippers” and “play slippers.” They also suggest designating a certain part of your house for work only.All with the understanding that routine will prevent overwork and burnout.And of course, we too go on team retreats not just for some needed face time, but also to work in sprints and get big projects that require a lot of brainstorming done.Okay start with the basics I am 5.6, light brown hair blue eyes athletic build. More Unique points I have a Pagan Faith and love the great outdoors and animals. Whenever there’s a shift in the way we work together as a society and economy, uncertainty can create a feeling of fear or anxiousness.

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