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Have a logbook or some paper handy when you check in, and a couple of sharp pencils, because we welcome new stations to our nets by making a lot of contacts with them on their first check-in to our nets. You might just find yourself hooked like some of us who have been at it for the past 39 years!

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A professional trader is defined by how he approaches his trading mentally and how he evaluates his trading routine.

Therefore, every amateur trader can easily acquire the mindset of a professional trader by following a few principles and changing his approach.

Watching charts for the sake of it has no value whatsoever if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Pro: The professional trader has a detailed trading plan and knows exactly what he is looking for and when he is going to trade.

And for Handihams we offer QSL management services via our Handiham QSL Bureau.

The Club also has an annual convention, known as the Eyeball, where many of our members get together to renew old acquaintances or meet for the first time with those they contact on our nets.

We offer several free domestic QSL Bureaus—free in the sense that you supply only self-addressed stamped envelopes (SASES)—for your convenience when exchanging QSLs for contacts made on our nets.

For our DX check-ins we also offer a DX QSL Bureau, which is supported by member donations.

All of our nets operate in the US General Class portion of the amateur bands (40/80m CW nets in the Novice/Tech portion) and all amateurs, domestic and DX, are invited to check in.

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