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My husband has always been kinky in the bedroom and wants to try new things.

We lived in Germany when he was in the Army and had watched a lot of different kinds of sex movies. It felt great as usual, but he then suggested something totally off the wall? but deep in the back of my mind, it kind of turned me on.

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One night going into the bedroom after watching some videos, we laid down on the bed? he asked me if I thought I would enjoy 2 guys doing me at the same time. He stopped talking about it from there and we just done our thing? I noticed over a period of time he talked to me about it more and more, and I began to use my imagination during sex? My pussy got really wet, and I began to really get into it. Once he got out of the Army, he started a construction business and things just went on as usual. One night while we were having sex, he suggested that we have a threesome with his friend? I told my husband about it, and he told me to go enjoy myself?

It just sounded so off the wall that I snapped at him, and said, ? I just got nastier the more we talked about it in the bed. He had one guy that worked for him that he became really good friends with? I agreed while imagining getting my holes filled with both of their cocks. and he and his buddy would be back at the house waiting with their dicks out..

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Looking forward to enjoying several types of sexual fantasies. d already came 4 times in a matter of twenty minutes of sex. Pussy juice is running down the crack of your ass when a third finger penetrates your bush. You know it can only get better as you feel a tongue press against your clit.

Looking For: A woman, a couple (man and woman) or a lesbian couple for Erotic Chat or Email, 1-on-1 sex, Group sex (3 or more), Bondage & Discipline, Misc. Brad looked up from licking my cunt and asked him if he? You gasp and moan as the tongue follows close behind the ice. re getting sucked hard, and your nipples pulled when everything stops. You know that a hot slut can only be fucked one way and that is hard.

Fetishes, Exhibitionism/Voyeurism &/or Other 'Alternative' Activities. For us, friendship comes first, and we would like to meet someone who feels the same. The dick is ramming your asshole as the dildo is still buried in your dripping cunt. re getting fucked hard as you struggle to get free when you feel it happen; your pussy explodes and you cum like never before. As you look at your husband, and feel that same twinge in you pussy, you think to yourself, ?

You know you are naked and exposed as you feel a cool breeze from the ceiling fan, your nipples hardening from the chill.

to ya : ) Author: Macy You awake in the morning but it? You reach for the blindfold but realize that your hands are tied above your head.

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