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The Nobiliario of Pedro Conde de Barcelos provides an additional source of information for the period which is dealt with in the present document.

Conde Pedro was the illegitimate son of Diniz King of Portugal.

Sancti Michaelis..Gallekellos made by aua mea domna Gotina by charter dated Munio Alfonso.

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Sancti Michaelis..Gallekellos made by aua mea domna Gotina by charter dated (-after ). The Nobiliario of Pedro Conde de Barcelos names "D. Ordoo Alvarez fue Cardenal, Alonso Alvarez de Noroa, Alvaro Diaz, D. If this is correct, Juan Gonzlezs wife was Teresa lvarez, daughter of lvaro Daz de Castaeda & his wife --- Prez. Her parentage is confirmed by the mid-14th Century Nobiliario of Pedro de Portugal Conde de Barcels which records that Lope Diaz married her daughter doa Mayor Arias, hija de don Juan Diaz de Feniosara y de doa Nicor Alvarez, hija de Alvar Diaz de Asturias, padre de don Pedro Alvarez de Asturias The Nobiliario of Pedro Conde de Barcelos names "D. Ordoo Alvarez fue Cardenal, Alonso Alvarez de Noroa, Alvaro Diaz, D. "Ruderico Didaz, Fernando Didaz" subscribed the charter dated under which Alfonso VI King of Castile donated "hereditates que fuerunt de comitisssa domina Geluira filia comes Faffila Fernandizin ripa de Estola et in illa terra de Sumontia" to "soror mea domina Urracca prolis Fredenandiz"Conde de Asturias de Oviedo. confirmed the charter dated under which Mummadonna cognomento Maior Gunsalviz donated the monastery of San Pedro de Teverga to Oviedo.

Queen Urraca granted "villa Coruellos, territorio Legionensi, inter duo flumina, Turio et Pormaextra hereditates que fuerunt de Aluaro Citiz", adding that the property "fuit de vestro avo commite Munnio Munniz", to "Tellus Telliz et Fernandus Telliz" by charter dated May 1112, subscribed by "Froilanus comes, Petrus Didaz, Rudericus Didaz, Rudericus Vermudiz, Petrus Brauoliz, Gutier Fernandiz equonomus regine, Petrus Ruderiquiz, Didacus Aluitiz, Gundisaluus Aluitis". The Nobiliario records the maternal grandfather of both these individuals as "Pedro Aznarez", which appears to be more than coincidence. Teresa Perez", recording in a later passage that "D. Her husband granted her the monastery of Santa Mara in Oviedo as arras by charter dated , her father being named in the document, which also refers to her brother-in-law Rodrigo Daz and her sister-in-law Mayor Daz together with the latter's husband Golmaro Ioannes.

"Petrus Didacus de Legione" subscribed the charter dated under which "Rex Dominus Adefonsus Hispanie ducis domini Reimundi et regine domine Urrace filius" donated property to the monastery of San Julin de Moraimo "in terra de Traba", with the consent of "domini Petri Galecie comitis".

The Chronica Adefonsi Imperatoris records that Alfonso VII King of Castile sent "Count Rodrigo Martnez and his brother Osorio" to Len to besiege "Pedro Dazin rebellion in the castle of Valle". Pedro Aznarez", adding in a later passage that "Alonso [error for Alvaro] Diaz" married "D. There is confusion about the identity of the wife or wives of Juan Gonzlez. Sancha Roiz", recording in an earlier passage that "D. Teresa Alvarez" [de Meneses], son of Infante don ALFONSO de Len Seor de Molina y Mesa & his third wife Mayor Alfonso de Meneses Seora de Meneses y Villanueva ([1262]-1314).

However, it nevertheless provides good indications of the geographical bases of different nobles at the time.

Pedro Daz de Valle was an important figure during the reign of Urraca Queen of Castile and was awarded the tenencia of Torres de Len and the fortress of Valle de Mansilla.

He died in 1354, so the work can therefore be dated to shortly before this date.

It is a difficult document, riddled with errors, especially relating to the early generations.

He is possibly identified with "Petrus Didaci" who is named in the list of nobles "ex terr Tinegi" (Asturias de Tineo) in the spurious document relating to the supposed council of Oviedo in 1115. Dominico Petrez maiordomus, Diaco Gutterriz maiordomus, Annaia Uelaz maiordomus, Annaia Citiz maiordomus... to "Armentario by charter dated as her first husband, GOTINA Prez, daughter of PEDRO Ovquiz & his wife Ildonza Muoz (-after ).

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