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Approaching the one-year mark, newlyweds wonder what the future will bring.

After some family bonding, Kim is upset that Alaska is packing again for LA…with no plans for a return flight.

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When he was initially charged, Roache said he was "astounded and deeply horrified" by the accusations and vowed to "strenuously deny" the allegations.

He will not appear in Corrie until legal proceedings are concluded.

A 2011 Ohio University study found they think about it an average of 18 times a day. In a 1986 study of college students, 37 percent of women reported having had a nocturnal orgasm. Sex is better than going to the gym Nope, sorry: While sex does burn calories, it doesn’t burn as many as you think. Uh, forget everything Sting‘s ever said: Orgasms can only last a number of seconds, even with tantra.

Only men have ‘wet dreams’ While it’s more common to hear about dudes having orgasms during their dreams, women have them too.

1.) – not only can you use your phone as a massager BUT you can send vibrations to other people if they download the same app!

I give this a YAY – if you’re low on dough and need a little spicing up – why not!

He was later additionally charged with five indecent assaults involving four girls aged between 11 or 12 and 16, allegedly committed in the Manchester area between 19.

Roache - the longest-serving actor in soap history - appeared at Preston Crown Court to respond to the charges.

“My ideal is to have a couple talk frankly about how much they’d like to be intimate, and negotiate how and when they could make that happen,” certified sex therapist Sari Cooper told . Women are familiar with this sex myth, so take note, guys: Intercourse alone typically does lead to orgasm.

The number you come up with in a discussion with your spouse is the right number for you.” 2.

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