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With that number made of just one model, you can imagine that Brownies today are still commonplace, and in this condition mine is probably worth .As an introductory camera for medium format photography you can’t get much cheaper!

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Overall, it was a blast to use a camera that was close to 100 years old, and get images from it that were of a good quality.

While it won’t be making an appearance at any weddings I photograph in the near future, I’ll certainly be shooting with it again soon.

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Lately I’ve been expanding from just shooting instant film to shooting some medium format film, and I’ve really enjoyed the experience of taking the images.

What digital has in its quality and immediacy, film has in a certain look, and the anticipation of seeing your images when they return from the lab.

The small apertures and relatively wide angle of the lens enabled the camera to be focus free, and anything from approximately 8 feet to infinity will be in focus.

The aperture is adjusted by lifting a sliding piece of metal which has three differently sized holes cut in it.

It features three apertures and one shutter speed, as well as a bulb mode for long exposures.

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