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Making Good Choices in Relationships." They are both excellent reference books for you and your daughter.

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Ok so I'm 13 and I am dating an 18 year old, we both have strong feelings for each other and I just want to know if its illegal to be dating, we Aren't going to have sex so I don't want your opinions I just want to know if its illegal for us to date and hang out!

Most likely not, since there is no legal definition of "date". You don't want opinions, but too bad, it's a free country.

There is a big difference in the physical and social maturity of a 13 and a 17 yr. I agree that you have reason to be concerned about your daughter engaging in a relationship with someone older than tthem especially at that age.

If you don't approve, you need to sit down and talk to her about the reasons why.

It's easy for teens to get blinded by what they think is love and feel like their life is over if that love ends.

I know it must be difficult for you right now to take the brunt of your daughter's anger. Know that in the long run she will understand why you made the choices you did and she will be greatful for your protection.Some excellent books to help you with that conversation can be found on the boys town press dept. The book "Boundaries" is a great one to teach your daughter about appropriate relationships.Another wonderful book for your daughter to read that may help explain to her about relationships is called "What's Right For Me?Id like to add that it may turn into something illegal very quickly no matter how innocent it may seem to be.The 18y/o could be guilty of contributing to delinquincy of a minor very easily. Dear Love: I haven'theard anything about it being an illegal problem based on your ages, but I would check the law in your state.You are too young to know what love is, and you are only going to get used by this guy.

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